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Greenlogix is on a mission to make India and the world at large a cleaner and healthier place to live in. To leave behind an earth that will thrive for generations to come. Build a nation that is responsible, civilised and sensitive to the most important issue that is waste generation, its disposal, management and treatment. Our forte is developing and inventing solutions for the challenging issue of waste management and its disposal. We have gone many steps ahead from traditional recycling and disposing to creating grass root awareness and counselling corporates and individuals to help them achieve their green goals including zero waste.

Being the front runners and champions of ANTI DUMPING we have been able to make many a residential and corporate entities ZERO WASTE in its true sense. This achievement has been possible due to our vast expertise across various waste categories and international standards of handling waste, its disposal and treatment. Focusing on the core issues that have been ignored by corporate and residential alike, has created a niche for us in this new industry of waste management in India.

As the most trusted brand in waste management in India today we have introduced solutions to tackle this over contemplated issue of waste through compliance, design, technology integration, end to end waste management services and industry specific solutions.

Greenlogix is leading the way in end to end waste management, consulting, disposal, recycling, and onsite/offsite treatment services in India. We are an anti-dumping company. Our clients are the biggest in their industry from realty, construction, banking and finance, logistics and Indian’s top corporates. We have indigenous services and technology to assist our clients in their sustainability and environmental goals.

Currently facilitating turnkey projects such as mega townships and smart cities. Implementing international standards and processes across all aspects of waste management such as segregation at source, collection, disposal, treatment and recycling. We have achieved 100% zero waste premises and have recycled more than 2 Lac tonne in 3 years across all waste categories.

Message from the Co-founder & Managing Director

With the ever developing India we are faced with the most challenging issue of waste and its management. We have taken up this challenge head on with our expertise to tackle it at the very root level through our various solutions such as design, procurement and commissioning, waste management services and corporate solutions.

India and the world today needs grass root solutions for waste management. We strongly believe in providing our clients with solutions that will assist them in becoming compliant, zero waste and also achieve their sustainability goal.

Our commitment towards waste management in the most efficient and scientific manner has won us the most reputed corporates clients in India.

I firmly believe in that an appropriate waste management strategy and its implementation within any company directly impacts its bottom line.


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