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Waste Management is the least important aspect taken into consideration while planning any development. Realtors and Developers in the chase for optimisation have almost forgotten the importance of planning and allocating designated area for waste management and treatment. This creates huge problems for the inhabitants of such designed properties.

Waste management design should be an integral part of planning any development. The right planning can save developers huge premium payout in the future and could also avoid penalties. We have developed expertise solutions in designing waste treatment area, garbage rooms, OWC area etc…

Many societies and corporates have installed waste treatment plants, OWC’s, vermicomposting pits, etc. However, 80 % of these are non-functional. We believe that the major contributing factor for the failure of these systems is incorrect technology. Procuring the correct technology involves in-depth understanding of waste generated, its quantification, climatic conditions, availability of space, allocations of funds and segregation issues.

DPC addresses these challenges and brings to the table the most suitable and sustainable design and technology.

Technologies that we integrate

  • Organic Waste Converter
  • Organic Treatment Plant
  • Biogas
  • In Vessel Treatment
  • Vermi Composting Pits

We Design

  • Waste Treatment Area – Storage, Segregation Area, Exhaust and Recyclable waste area
  • Garbage Area
  • OWC area etc
  • Garbage Chute System Design

Any new development in residential and commercial sector can avail DPC solutions


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