Corporate Services

Corporate Services is a comprehensive line of solutions for the new age Indian corporates that are at par with global conglomerates. These solutions make corporates GREEN in every sense, making them environmentally responsible and internally very sustainable. The solutions are customised depending on the requirements to make our clients compliant and helping them reduce their carbon foot print.)

The Solution

Consultancy – Waste Management Strategy

Defining and laying out company’s overall waste management strategy. Vendor vetting and also customising all process in detail for recycling of waste material, its disposal and treatment


Recycling, Disposal and Treatment

Recycling services for corporates for all waste. This includes logistic support and maximum remuneration. Clearance services are provided for bulk disposal or recycling.


  • Paper/Carton
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • E waste
  • Electrical waste – household appliances
  • Cooking oil


  • Hazardous waste
  • Chemical waste
  • MSW


  • Organic waste
  • Landscape/Horticulture waste

Space Management

We assist in optimising the available space for waste storage. Our forte of designing storage area in offices, corporate premises, industrial parks etc has earned us India’s top 10 corporates


Training & Awareness

Our training and awareness modules for corporates across management, employees, their facility partners etc has taken us way ahead of our competitors. Our handholding in creating the right level of awareness and sensitivity towards waste management has yielded positive results for all with those involved.


CSR & Sustainability Services

Many corporates have pre determined CSR & Sustainability goals with waste management being an integral part of it. We develop, customise and innovate solutions around these goals so that they are achieved.


Manufacturing & Industrial, Education, Power, IT & ITES, Banking & Finance, Hotels & Hospitality, Commercial Parks, Automotive, Restaurants, Retail


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