Mega Projects

This newly launched vertical offers niche solutions for large scale waste generators like municipal corporations, integrated townships, gated communities, smart cites, SEZ’s, and industrial & technological parks.

Municipalities and Cities:

Consultancy on all levels of waste management is provided to major municipal corporations in India. We provide services for auditing and assessing the current process of waste management, complete detailing of the city’s requirement of waste management infrastructure with an escalation plan and outlaying the scope of work for tenders related to waste management.


At the ward level, decentralised systems are designed to manage municipal waste from wards so that less stress is put on city’s landfill or waste processing unit.


At the centralised level, we undertake complete designing and detailing of the city’s waste management strategy. This includes but is not restricted to soil testing, scientific landfill treatment, bio-methanation and, waste to energy. A complete solution including the project’s viability, feasibility, project cost analysis, technology vetting and vendor vetting is provided.

Tech Parks, SEZ’s and Industrial Parks, Integrated Township and Mega Developments:

We consult developers on mega projects to ensure a sustainable waste management system is being incorporated at the design stage. We provide expertise in compliance and regulations process, assessment of land requirement for the waste to be generated, the closure of capital expenditure for appropriate technology that will be deployed, operational expenditure budgeting on waste management when the premise is operational along with escalation, putting up process for treatment of all waste generated, procuring required licenses from CPCB, and recycling of waste for the entire project.


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